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Our dishes are prepared with fine and fresh ingredients that are full of flavour. Our chef is inspired by foods from across the Mediterranean.


Sunny Side up eggs


Two fried free range eggs, avocado and salad. Served on flat bread

Chicken Liver


Cooked with tomato and sweet pepper, served with 1 pitta bread

Avocado & feta


Served on flat bread

Scrambled eggs


Two free-range eggs with one pitta bread



Palestinian Omelette, two free range eggs, onions, fresh parsley, 1 pitta bread



2 free range scrambled eggs in a tomato, onion, sweet pepper sauce, 1 pitta bread

Baked Feta


Baked Feta cheese, salad and herbs served with 1 pitta bread

Add ons

Four cheeses mix for 2.50
Two eggs for 1.50

(Oven baked flat bread)

Cheese mix


Feta, cheddar, halloumi, mozzarella

Chicken shawarma with cheese mix………………………..


Feta, cheddar, halloumi, mozzarella

Imhamara cheese mix (N)


Grilled sweet peppers, tomato, walnut topped with mix of cheeses.

Harissa and Labna


Mediterranean soft cheese topped with hot chilli and extra virgin olive oil

Egg and cheese mix


Za’atar (v)


Middle Eastern Thyme, sesame seeds, extra virgin olive oil

Zaatar with cheese mix


Chef Selection

Imhamara cheese mix (N)

Homemade Tapas



served with 1 pitta



served with 2 pittas

Falafel Balls (VG)

Chickpeas blended with herbs & served with tahini sauce

Middle Eastern Hummus (V)(N)

Chickpeas, tahini, virgin olive oil and lemon juice

Palestinian Foul Mudames (VG)

Cooked broad beans with herbs & spices

Adasiya (VG)

Grandma recipe of squash, lentils and traditional spices

Romanyia (VG)

Brown lentils, pomegranate, aubergine, herbs & spices

Imhamara (VG)(N)

Grilled sweet peppers, tomato, walnut, pomegranate and olive oil

M’tabal (V)(VG)

Grilled smokey aubergine, tahini, lemon & olive oil

Baba Ganoush (VG)(N)

Smokey aubergine, tomato, garlic, parsley, onions & walnuts

Guacamole (VG)

Avocado, tomato, garlic & olive oil

Batata Hara (VG)

Spiced potato with herbs, sweet peppers

Grilled Halloumi cheese

Feta cheese

Feta cheese topped with sesame, black seed, tomato & extra virgin olive oil

Tzatziki Dip (V)

Yoghurt, cucumber, garlic & dry mint

Olive mix (VG)(V)

Halawa Helwa (N)

Traditional tahnia & sweet halawa

Debbis with tahini (N)

Date molasses with tahina

Tapas mix

Any 3 small tapas from the above


served with 2 pittas


We cater to various dietary requirements and usually offer vegetarian and vegan options. If you have any special dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your booking or visit.

or call +44 (0) 207 235 1200