The 4 Healthy Middle Eastern Foods You Must Try


This is one of the most popular options for most Middle Eastern cuisine lovers. Whether you are planning to enjoy this in your favorite restaurant or looking to make it yourself, the meal will give you a special treat.

Initially, it was thought that this food was invented to cure hunger, but it has more to offer. The meal is delicious and highly nutritious, once you have the first bite, you won’t match enough force to resist eating more and more.


This is the most prevalent food in the Middle Eastern region and is well known for its deliciousness. These ingredients are blended together in food processor until creamy and smooth.


Falafel is one of the most delicious Middle Eastern foods on offer. This is a crucial pillar of the Middle Eastern cuisine, and this is the reason you will find it in almost every Middle Eastern restaurant. At first, it might appeal to you as just a tasty pita filler or fried chickpeas spiced with plenty of herbs, but falafel is more than that.


Tabouleh is one of the best Middle Eastern side dishes. It offers a full range of bold flavors and if you are looking for low-fat vegetarian food then this is the best. The food is made by combining tomato, bulgur, springs onion, parsley, and mint. This food is then seasoned using lemon juice and olive oil to gain its typical deliciousness.


Source: aswesawit